cheney: the past. obama-biden: the future. deal with it.

does dick cheney deserve to be
tried for war crimes? does george
bush? of course, in both cases.

but both of them are — after
senator obama’s speech, this
very night, on the 45th anni-
versary of the march on wash-
ington — the increasingly ir-
relevant past.

this is the future, then:

we can afford to look backward
no longer. barring something truly
astonishing, it is not likely that
i’ll post very much content here any longer.

these two men — cheney and bush — will
very soon now be consigned to the
ash-bin of history for the shambles
they’ve made of the promise that
once was the great american dream. . .

barack obama — and you(!) — can re-
vive that dream, resurrect that hope,
and restore that faith — faith in a
world not bounded by fear, and by ignorance.

we need change. we need it now.

make it so.

help get out the vote, wherever you are.

n a m a s t é


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