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were we visited by the ghosts — of fitz-mas — past?

well, now — what with all the
well-deserved scottie mcCee pot-
stirring and triangulating now
, on a whim, i decided
to take a very careful look at my
last few weeks’ worth of visitor-logs. . .

what emerged was well-worth looking for.

it seems i have been visited, and repeatedly,
over at least the last eight days, by various
differing dynamic IP sub-addresses, but
all emanate from one main address — and
that main address is deep within
the halls of the department of justice.

main justice in washington, d.c., in fact.

what is truly-interesting,
though, is that all of
the 20-plus visitors
(or one visitor, from
20-plus separate
DoJ computers!) were
searching the same
term — ultimately, to wind-
up at the footstep of my
little shack, here on the web. . .

[i. am. just. so. touched. really.]

each time, the DoJ’s AUSAs landed first
on my most relevant page related to
that search — that page is a may 10, 2007
ancient archive
. but you need not
click it — for a little bit down the
page — i’ll repost what they looked at.

okay — if you are a skeptical sort,
let me offer you just one example of
the actual screen-caps from sitemeter.
[i also have similar, confirming screen-
caps from statcounter — my other free-
ware site traffic-tracker.] click to enlarge:

wow! the google search — in each
case — was on one “matthew w. friedrich“.

wait a tic! — wasn’t he just promoted?

yep — he’s the DoJ criminal division’s chief,
as of may 22, 2008 [effective june 2, 2008]. . .

sure enough! — he is now effectively no. 2
at main justice, behind only AG mukasey, himself.

so, it could be that all these AUSAs were
just curious about their new boss. . . .

. . .or, it could be that the more political ones
were trying to get a bead on where he stands.

my view?

he stands right where patrick j. fitzgerald
— he just calls balls and strikes. he
is not inclinded to drink anyone’s kool-aid.

that is what the below, from may 10, 2007, would
tell us. oh, and it would ALSO tell us that
one karl rove may be in some very very deep
snow, now. . . and he surely won’t have
‘bertos’ pack-dogs to pull his sled out.

not this time. with scottie mcCee triangu-
lations well underway over at EW’s now, i
think the k-k-karl — and dick “the king
of hush
” cheney, with him — may. be. stuck.

done. as in, stick a fork in ’em (both). take a look:


may 10, 2007:

or, fun with evidentiary transcripts. . .

as the house judiciary committee hearing
wound-down this afternoon, chairman john
conyer’s office released a three-page, re-
dacted transcript of criminal division
department of justice attorney matthew w.
sworn statements. . . they were
mentioned by the chairman, to mr. gonzales,
rather pointedly this morning (video coming
very soon on that), and i think, these are the
first under-oath, written bits-o’-evidence from
any attorney — inside the gonzales depart-
ment of justice, mind you — which directly
assert that karl rove was behind the firing
of david iglesias in new mexico. iglesias
was fired, in large part, for being slow to
bring a politically-expedient, but largely
meritless, “voter fraud” case to
ding a democratic candidate, very near
the november 2006 mid-term elections. . .
thus provoking the ire of sen. pete
domenici, and allegedly,
now — one mister karl rove.

this direct connection between iglesias’
resistance to bringing a bogus case, and
karl rove’s desire to fire him on that
, is what’s “new“. note, friedrich,
a DoJ attorney, is now saying this is true,
under penalty of perjury, and disbarment. . .

let’s take a look (page one, above),
at page two, now, shall we?
[as ever, click each image to enlarge.
@ 11:18 p.m. — mcclatchy’s is now carrying its take
on these tid-bits, over its wire-service
, btw.]

note that the answer to the monica goodling
question (immediately above) is “no“, below:

so — we know that rep. conyers has karl
rove square in his sights — and we know
chairman conyers is holding, but has not
yet issued, a subpoena with mr. rove’s
on it, for his personal appearance. . .

it would seem like it is that
, again, mr. chairman. . .

it is turd-blossom subpoena-in’ time!

oh, yeah. . .!

UPDATED 5.12.07 — here is the video: