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WTF? — blackwater still guarding in iraq?! — NYT has the story!

tonight the new york times is
running a very disturbing story
— erik
prince’s blackwater worldwide still does
contract work, providing security in iraq for
the united states state department, under
condoleezza rice. disgusting:

. . .The chief reason for the company’s survival? State Department officials said Friday that they did not believe they had any alternative to Blackwater, which supplies about 800 guards to the department to provide security for diplomats in Baghdad. Officials say only three companies in the world meet their requirements for protective services in Iraq, and the other two do not have the capability to take on Blackwater’s role in Baghdad. After the shooting in September, the State Department did not even open talks with the other two companies, DynCorp International and Triple Canopy, to see if they could take over from Blackwater, which is based in North Carolina. . .

how many days until our regime change?
255 too many — that’s how many.