“History Doesn’t Echo, But It… Rhymes” Dept: No NEED To “Make It Up” Any Longer — Under Bolton’s Stink-Eye — It IS Happening.

About one year ago, now (my last post here) I wrote that one could not make up a crazier set of… coincidences. Cough.

I. Was. Wrong.

It only took a year… for 45 to use a “dawn of the dead” style dangling Scooter Libby pardon — as a hoped-for signal flare — to his co-conspirators (Manafort and Cohen — but also several others not yet named in Mueller indictments)… that he would save them, if they “played nice” with Der Kaiser. Marcy Wheeler explains overnight why that is — like so much else Trumpian — a half-baked idiots’ show. Ineffectual, as an end game.

But it brings us full circle — if Scooter is pardoned, he has no Fifth Amendment rights, and we may finally get an admission that Cheney and Bush outed Plame and lied us into Gulf War II.

But none of that will stop the roaring dumpster-fire of the Trump presidency erh… crime spree.

As commenters at EmptyWheel, and Marcy herself well note, there are too many venues — and too many actors. 45 is now certainly… toast — not whether — but when, is the most salient question.

I’ll close with a satirical but accurate comment from Avattoir, at Marcy’s joint — of the CURRENT state of 45’s lunacy — and yes it plainly eclipses Cheney/Bush — by several orders of magnitude:

…We’re now well past viable cable serial drama plot cred, with:

– The Door Man Cometh

– Yet Another Funny Hat Hits the Screens on Cable TV News

– Porn Star To Win ($omething) Via Mob Consigliere’s Own Goal

– Mob Consigliere Recorded Everything, and Everything’s Been Seized…

– Total BS-Spouting POTUS Declines To Talk To Attorney in Own Admin

– PlameGate Cross-Streams With Don John’s Crime Wave

– Two Consecutive FBI Directors (Each A Candidate for Most Boring Straight-Laced White Dude Federal Civil Servant Of The 21st Century) To Publish NY Times Best Selling Books Within One Month

– Same B.S. POTUS & Allies Crank Right Wing Noise Machine Up To Eleven and Trains Same on Said Two Boring Former FBIDs Plus Current Boring White Dude Assistant AG…

…yet no one – not Garry Kasparov nor any other chessmaster, nor any attorney pundit in or out of a funny hat – can possibly foresee the endgame….

Yep — that about covers it (last image at right is a panel, about 15 years ago, at Netroots Nation). Whoda’thunkit — just a decade ago? But here we are. Me? I am actually relieved that it may all be tied up with… a bow. A Scooter Libby smutty novel style… bow.

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