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best of "nightly nolo" from one year ago — bradley schlozman plainly fibbed to at least two senators on june 5, 2007

given the news, this morning, that
perjury charges
are finally being pre-
sented to a grand jury, related to one
mr. bradley schlozman, i thought it
would be enlightening to watch, once
again, at least part of the reason
why — from the day he last told some
fishy tales, in public, on the recod,
and under oath, before the senate
judiciary committee — on june 5, 2007,
a full-year, and eleven days
, ago tonight.

enjoy all six minutes — but the best is
toward the very end, when sen. leahy pins him
[under the video is schlozs’ june 11, 2007 par-
tial recantation of his june 5 testimony]: