Will Someone Indict This Lothario, Already, Pleeeeze?

First, go read Marcy Wheeler on this topic. Now, here is my little twist:

From the FBI’s May 2004 Inteview Notes, regarding an interview of Dick Cheney, then-sitting Vice President of the United States [click image to enlarge]:

Note that these “lack of recollections” are at variance with every other piece of evidence gathered, and then presented to the jury — in Scooter Libby’s perjury and obstruction of justice trial.

It is time to indict this man. There is little doubt that the above passage reflects a very carefully-couched set of lies — about when and how Dick Cheney first learned of Valerie Plame’s role at CIA; and thus covers his likely hand in having her outed — in retribution for Joe Wilson’s work debunking Niger yellowcake to Iraq stories as fabrications. Of course, those fabricated stories were a large part of the justification offered, by this Vice President, and Bush43, for our military engagment in Iraq.


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