more gitmo — judge hogan’s newly-consolidated scheduling orders — july 11, 2008

entered last night, judge hogan has
now set out the timeline for complying
with the u.s. supreme court’s holdings
in boumediene — here are the high
points, and key dates:

july 18, 2008 — a five page summary
of the status of each detainee at gitmo
due into the court. that’s this thursday.

july 21, 2008 — joint report, setting out
most significant issues on all gitmo detainees
due into court — filed by both government’s
lawyers, and those representing the detainees.

july 25, 2008 — briefs due in court, from all
parties on the most salient of the above issues.

august 1, 2008 — replies to above due in court.

august 29, 2008 — the government’s first 50
factual returns“, as to each detainee, due.

50 per month due on a rolling basis thereafter, each
month — these “returns” amount to discovery from
the government’s files, of what is known by — but
not, thus far, disclosed by — the government, about
each detainee at gitmo, and thus the reasoning
supporting the continuing detention of each.

in many cases, this information flow is now
six-years OVERDUE to the lawyers defending
some of the detainees. the returns will flow
in the chronological order in which the
detainees were brought to gitmo.

as justice marshall reminded us so
long ago “justice delayed, is often
justice denied. .


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