an emerging “internal gulag” for the barnacle branch?

at the top, let me say that when
i saw this in the new york times, this
evening — i immediately went over to
read what EW had to say — knowing she
would have already carpet-bombed the
topic — and she does not disappoint.

best of all, of course, is that her
thoughts are written down in a far
more succinct, and comprehensible, fashion
than in any newspaper on the planet.

do read hers, first.

okay. now my thoughts did run a little-
more grandiose (tin-foil-ish?) — i am
hoping — wishing — dreaming — that
condi, all by her widdle self,
here finally, finally(!) has placed
the cult of cheney (henceforth price-
lessly also known as the “barnacle branch“!)
in a sort of politburo-esque internal exile.

she did focus her academic career on
the study of soviet era kremlinology,
right? doesn’t this fit that m.o.?

yeh — i know — she only has the juice
that the chimperor allows her — but it
would seem that less and less often, here
in the twilight of this administration,
the king of hush — dick cheneny — is able
to suck all the air out of the room, at least
insofar as foreign-policy-discussions go.

excellent! welcome to your very
own inner-gulag, mr. barnacle-in-chief!

here is the new york times quote that
caused me to spit root beer through my nose. . .

. . .Mr. Cheney froze, according to four participants at the Old Executive Office Building meeting. For more than 30 minutes he had been taking and answering questions, without missing a beat. But now, for several long seconds, he stared, unsmilingly, at his questioner, Steven Clemons of the New America Foundation, a public policy institution. Finally, he spoke:

“I’m not going to be the one to announce this decision,” the other participants recalled Mr. Cheney saying, pointing at himself. “You need to address your interest in this to the State Department.” He then declared that he was done taking questions, and left the room. . .

. . .“This is a sad, sad day,” said John R. Bolton, the former United States ambassador to the United Nations and a leading critic of the new American negotiating stance. “I think Bush believes what Condi is telling him, that they’re going to persuade the North to give up nuclear weapons, and I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think we’ve been taken to the cleaners. . .”

as karma would have it — a “red scare“,
this time, inside the white house,
has dick isolated, and steaming mad. . . cool!


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