from joe hague’s comments on digg, we find a useful post topic — cheney/bush

over at, commentary has ensued
on EW’s fine writing, of earlier this week.

bar none, the lamest was this one, from a
guy using the handle “joe hague”

JoeHague on 05.30.08:

I know I could get about 100 Diggs for jumping on the band wagon and saying -Impeach Bush- or something to that nature. But I don’t care. I don’t care if this comment goes to 1000 minuses. Because I know that no Digger can respond logically to the following argument. Everyone hates Bush (at least 70% of people)- “Scottie” knows this. Scottie is promoting a book. Scottie will probably make money selling his book from these comments. Scottie is probably lying.

Yeah I know, I’m going there. It’s not the first time. I have a certain stance when it come to public opinion- The masses are usually wrong.

So go ahead bury this comment, but know in your heart of hearts that as much as you want it to be true this story is probably false and at the very least the words of “Scottie” are ~unsubstantiated~
here was my reply — after several
others had pointed to the lunacy, earlier:

. . .add to that, that all scottie has done

is CORROBORATE what empty wheel
had long ago established — that BOTH
bush and cheney effectively ordered the
outing of valerie plame — a covert
CIA asset, at the time.

so, here is the logic, joe — sure scottie

is going to make money by selling his story,
but mr. hague — but that doesn’t make all
that special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald
PROVED in US v. Libby, in any manner

In fact, that scottie’s corroborates fitzs’
chain of evidence, simply means mr.
fitzgerald may not have aimed quite “high
enough” when he prosecuted mr. libby
for obstruction of justice — and related crimes.

to be fair to mr. fitzgerald’s estimable

prowess as a prosecutor, though, without
LOTS of corroborating witnesses — like
scottie — where the FCUK was he, then?! — there
was simply no way a jury would convict
the sitting vice president, and his
simpering president/chimperor — of
a Class X Felony.

so fitz did the prudent thing — and
charged the case he knew he could
prove — hoping a conviction of libby
would lead libby to flip, and dime
out cheney/bush — once libby faced
the certainty of jail time for his part
in the outing, and cover-up.

but the “fix was in” from the go — bush

pardoned commuted libby’s sentence
the very same day his conviction
became a certainty for jail-time — and,
astonishingly — BEFORE mr. libby
even asked for any relief, or pardon!

that has never happened in the 220-plus
year history of this republic.

so, joe, explain to me, again, how

none of that actually happened.

yep — scottie is a coward’s late-in-
coming, small fry tell-all, for profit.
but his clearly confirms the larger
narrative. he is a coward for not standing
when it mattered — i just hope no one
tries to paint him as some latter-day John Dean.

he is no john dean. but he has proved
to be a rather useful idiot, this week.

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