cheney’s "law"? — in answer to steven howards’ 2006 colorado false arrest case summons? "I am a King. Deal with it."

the issue of whether dick cheney
may be deposed at all
, may ultimately
end up before the tenth cicuit, and
then on to the s.c.o.t.u.s., i guess.

last night, the “king of hush” filed his
latest effort to resist even being served
with a notice of deposition, in the false
arrest case filed by a first amendment
plaintiff, steven howards in the colorado
federal district courthouse.

dick’s defense? i am [effectively], a king.

so, deal with it.


UPDATED 5.21.08 pm — tonight, in no small
victory for plaintiff howards, here,
Judge Wiley B. Daniel’s Magistrate
has signed an order giving Mr. Howards
team a much sought-after extended time-
fram to complete their discovery
— essentially
through the late-section of the Summer of 2008.

and, this may yet provide the window he
needsto get dick cheney into a deposition seat,
as the newly-extended final pre-trial con-
ference is now set for December 2008, leaving
a real possibility that Mr. Cheney will no longer
enjoy the protection of his own fourth-branch,
by the time pre-trial conference really
gets underway — call it, january 2009.

all mr. howards would need would be some
newly discovered evidence, say shortly after
january 21, 2009 — the day the timer, at
right, hits zero-hour. it could happen.

it might. it just might.


as ever, more to come.

. . .Lacking the predicate necessary to depose a high-level state or federal agency official, plaintiff seeks to depose no less an officer than the Vice President of the United States. [how DARE he?! for shame!] With no statutory basis, plaintiff has requested an order from this Court directing the United States Marshal to serve a subpoena on Vice President Cheney. The Magistrate Judge correctly denied that request.


[as ever, emphasis supplied; bracketed
material is the editor’s commentary — mine.]

stay tuned.


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