more on the two vermont towns that have voted to indict dick cheney. . .

. . .each town has also ordered their
local police departments to arrest the
dick and/or bush, should either set foot
in town
— now, that [entirely implausible]
theoretical stand-off would, nonetheless,
be a hoot! imagine these small-town,
vermonter-cops, staring down the
secret service agents assigned
to guard the dick, as he rolls
through town. . .

if the secret service would arrest a
colorado man for speaking to the dick
what would they do if [from their per-
spective] one barney fife tried to arrest
the faux-king dick?

of course, this is all symbolic, and the
towns’ resolutions express the hope that
they’ll be impeached before either need be
indicted, but i thought i’d share, just
the same — p e a c e.

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4 responses to “more on the two vermont towns that have voted to indict dick cheney. . .

  1. my friend, who lives in Vermont, is really proud of this!

  2. . . .as he SHOULD be, lib!

    i trust that the fact that i’ve
    gently teased/equated vermont’s
    finest to officer barney fife, does
    NOT, in any way, take away from the
    historic significance of this vote.

    not in my mind, anyway — it is just
    an irresistable image — small town
    vs. big feds. . .

    i’ll go check now, but i think
    it is likely the first time — and
    certainly, the first time when the
    nation was at war — that any locality
    has issued arrest warrants for any
    sitting president, or veep.

    i bet it is the first time in
    u.s. history — unless some southern
    town issued “lynching orders” for
    president abraham lincoln, during,
    or leading up to, the civil war. . .

    this is monumental — it expresses
    how broken the peoples’ trust has
    been — by these two, call ’em what
    they are: criminals.

    p e a c e

  3. these are very small towns but they have real democracy out there I do believe. maybe we ought to give it a closer look.

  4. i suppose, if many small towns
    (and some larger ones!), would
    place on the ballot, by petition
    (that is usually what local rules
    require — though many towns have
    no such voter initiative provisions)
    adopt similar ballot-intiatives,
    cheney and bush might start to run
    a real risk of being arrested in
    some locale — but they would
    have to be caught unaware — not
    likely, with the intel community
    monitoring these “threats to the
    crown”. . . .

    but it would be a great sentiment,
    if, say 100 towns adopted similar

    thanks for returning, lib!

    p e a c e

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