new DEFENSE witness in hamdan’s trial — former gitmo prosecutor

according to today’s wall street journal,
col. morris davis, formerly a guantanamo
bay prosecutor, has agreed to testify for
the defense in the u.s. government’s case
against osama bin laden’s supposed driver:

. . .In another blow to the Bush administration, the military’s former chief prosecutor at Guantanamo says he will testify in support of Osama bin Laden’s former driver, who challenges his trial as politically rigged.

Col. Morris Davis, who resigned in October in a dispute with Defense Department superiors, said yesterday that he had agreed to testify at an April 28 hearing at the request of defense attorneys representing Salim Hamdan, who is charged with crimes including conspiracy with Mr. bin Laden. . .

this is deeply troubling evidence that
people of principle, the world over, even
some in military uniforms, feel that we,
as a nation, have lost our way, as a
one-time leader in respecting the rule of law.

we cannot advance freedom, if we
refuse to live by our own rules in conflicts.

p e a c e


3 responses to “new DEFENSE witness in hamdan’s trial — former gitmo prosecutor

  1. the above was a get rich-quick-scam-spam.

    p e a c e

  2. at least he won’t be party to a kangaroo court system, good for him. now let’s see if the Bush (aka Satan’s) administration won’t block this move.

  3. we shall see.

    the administration may have
    trouble blocking his testimony,
    given that it is now requested
    under the defendant’s fundamental
    sixth amendment right to put on
    a defense — including a defense
    of government misconduct. it seems
    likely that davis will say that, while he
    (davis) thinks hamdan is guilty,
    the process used to get the
    evidence against him was funda-
    mentally flawed — tainted by
    torture, among other things.

    we shall see. in a follow-up,
    today, patrick fitzgerald took a
    swipe at mukasey’s refusal to give
    the u.s. atty. investigating
    the torture tapes’ destruction full-
    on special counsel status, and
    the powers attendant thereto.

    and he did so in testimony before
    the house judiciary subcommittee.


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