no substantive denial from the white house — just this: EW’s "the white house panics"

EW sez [go read it all!]:

“The White House has done something colossally stupid: they’ve objected to the sub-heading of the NYT’s story revealing the involvement of David Addington and Alberto Gonzales (among others) in the destruction of the terror tapes. . .

this is astonishing. in response
to last night’s massacre of a story
dana perino does. . . what?

she stabs herself in the
. . . amazing.

that is — she issues no
denial of the actual substance
of the new york times’ story. . .

theodoric of york, anyone?

and — surprise! — two days
before the government is set
to appear before judge kennedy
in D.C., to answer “pointy” questions
about the torture tapes’ creation,
retention, non-disclosure, and
ultimately, destruction. . .

an electrical fire breaks out
inside the veep’s ceremonial offices. . .
it looks to be inside, or very
near, addington’s offices — crazy!

[don’t these jokers know that we
know cheney and rummy were in nixon’s
white house when the plumbers went
to work, over at the watergate?]

if this fire turns out to be what it
now looks like — then, this will go
down as being even more “colossally
[great adjective, that!] stupid” than
the watergate break-in. . .

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