DoJ and CIA to each investigate torture tapes’ destruction

can you smell the obstruction
of justice
charges, just a-simmerin’
away, here, now? i can.

well, now — this is encouraging.

judge michael mukasey is looking like
he may be a man of his word. next
week may bring many more surprises,
though, for it seems logical to
presume that the two destroyed
video-tapes were not the only
tapes recorded. how many more
(and of which interrogations) will
now surface? we don’t yet know.

but is it at least possible that
the ones mentioned in the DoJ letter
to judge leonie brinkema on november
9, 2007 — in the moussaoui case — are
not these same tapes?

i think so.

buckle-up, dick, your karma’s gonna’
come a-callin’, and perhaps before
christmas day 2007. take a look:

December 8, 2007

John A. Rizzo
Acting General Counsel
Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, DC 20505

Dear Mr. Rizzo:

I am writing this letter to confirm our discussions over the past several days regarding the destruction of videotapes of interrogations conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Consistent with these discussions, the Department of Justice will conduct a preliminary inquiry into the facts to determine whether further investigation is warranted. I understand that you have undertaken to preserve any records or other documentation that would facilitate this inquiry. The Department will conduct this inquiry in conjunction with the CIA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG).

My colleagues and I would like to meet with your Office and OIG early next week regarding this inquiry. Based on our recent discussions, I understand that your Office has already reviewed the circumstances surrounding the destruction of the videotapes, as well as the existence of any pending relevant investigations or other preservation obligations at the time the destruction occurred. As a first step in our inquiry, I ask that you provide us the substance of that review at the meeting.

Thank you for your cooperation with the Department in this matter. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


/s/ Kenneth L. Wainstein

Kenneth L. Wainstein
Assistant Attorney General
National Security Division

cc: John L. Helgerson
Inspector General
Central Intelligence Agency

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