live video — house oversight committee: november 14, 2007 — rep. waxman to explore the OIG’s effectiveness under condi rice at the state department

i’ll have a live video
link up, and working, on wed.
morning — no witness list yet,
this hearing should look
into whether the OIG has been
directly, or indirectly, ob-
structing, stove-piping or
tampering with what should
be independent investigations
of blackwater misconduct, lax
spending oversight, and related
fraud in iraq, all on sec. rice’s
watch at the state department.

United States
House of Representatives
Committee on Oversight
and Government Reform

OF HEARING @ 10:00 am,on wed.


Full Committee Hearing:

Assessing the State Department
Office of Inspector General Howard J.
, following a series of allegations
that the Inspector General halted
investigations, censored reports,
and refused to cooperate with law
enforcement agencies.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007,
10:00 AM at 2154 Rayburn House
Office Building

Witness: The Honorable
Howard J. Krongard,
Inspector General
U.S. Department of State

By Order of the Chairman


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