LIVE VIDEO FEED — condoleezza rice to testify, about iraq, before rep. waxman’s house oversight committee on october 25, 2007

[ed. note: this link
will go live 10.25.07]

[ed. note: this link
will go live 10.25.07]

ON CSPAN3, or. . .


United States
House of Representatives
Hearing with
Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice
on Iraq

The hearing will examine unanswered questions regarding the performance of the State Department on several significant issues relating to the Iraq war, including the impact of the activities of Blackwater USA and corruption within the Iraqi ministries on the prospects of political reconciliation in Iraq. The Committee may also discuss with the Secretary allegations of wrongdoing associated with the construction of the new U.S. Embassy Compound in Baghdad, as well as other matters under investigation by the Committee.

Committee on Oversight
and Government Reform

By Order of the Chairman

with any luck, the facts
detailed in the graphic below
will be a focus. . . but will
there be time to get to all that
has gone sideways in iraq, at state,
on her watch? — henry would need a
month of sundays — so, let’s take what we can.


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