more from the taft memo — attached detailed legal analysis — january 11, 2002

these legal conclusions are rock-
solid. and thus, the idea that we, as
a nation, have spent nearly six long,
dark, years ignoring these obviously-
sound, wise, ethical and humane answers
— is
deeply disturbing to me. and it should be,
to anyone who believes we are, in fact,
a “nation ruled by law, not by men.”

dick cheney has plainly declared him-
self to belong to the latter, primitive,
camp. and so, the reason these six-year
old memos matter now, is that we — the
people — are entitled to know what judge
michael mukasey believes about them.

where does he stand on these vital questions?

we will soon find out; his written
answers are due in to senator patrick
leahy’s office, the middle of next week.

do click to enlarge — this is going to
be what matters — in his confirmation:


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