how much of ex-qwest-c.e.o. joseph nacchio’s evidence should we believe?

yes, he is a convicted felon.

[UPDATES here.]

yes, his well-paid lawyers are looking
for every possible avenue of appeal, to
stave off his six year prison sentence. . .
and yes, convicted felons, facing prison,
have been known to offer additional lies,
in final, desperate, attempts to avoid their
date with the orange jumpsuit. . .

but it seems at least some of the documents
unsealed on wednesday, in the 10th circuit
court of appeals, in denver, support mr.
nacchio’s extremely bold-faced assertion
that he was pressuredprior to 9/11 — to
grant arguably unconstitutional law-enforcement
warrantless access to wholly innocent americans’
private telecom records, and conversations. . .

[his contention seems to be that he was then
targeted by the government, for refusing to “knuckle-
” to these unconstitutional spying demands. . .

i may ultimately do a review of the relative-
strength of nacchio’s insider trading conviction
evidence, at some point, by comparing it to
similarly-situated charges/dismissals/convictions,
from that period. . . we’ll see. . .

the new york times has already done it, and
this looks pretty solid — a lot of trades
WHILE information is being disclosed; then
a lot of trades before more is disclosed — and
nacchio was only convicted on the latter ones
. . .

how does that compare to other cases?

we’ll see. . .]

while the denver post was first to report it,
and the wa po followed on it — the new york
offers a deeper, fleshed-in, perspective
this morning — sans the actual evidence, mind you. . .

but that won’t last long — even if
i have to digitize it all, myself. . .

this will be fascinating — and i will post
portions of the best unsealed documents right
here — for the world to see — that cheney, and
his one-trick-pony-george-dubbya were well on
their way to shredding our constitutional rights,
long before the mantra of “nine-eleven-
” even existed. . .

we shall see — and learn — much from this
particularly throaty, if felonious, canary,
joe nacchio. . . he did run a telecom, you know.

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