tough questions from the october 2, 2007 waxman-blackwater hearing — video!

tonight’s “nightly nolo
features lines of questioning from
rep. elijah cummings of maryland, and
rep. jan schakowsky of illinois. . .

trust me — the answers were not
worthy of much air time. there can
scarcely be any answer made on these
facts — facts that include the drunken
murder of an iraqi vice-presidential
guard [no charges filed — no apology from
erik prince today; the guy was just whisked
right out of iraq. . .] nor can there be
any credible answer made as to why the state
department is just now trying to figure
out — some five years in — whether any law
governs these mercenaries. . .

disheartening. but required watching.
and. . . all in a two-minute package:


2 responses to “tough questions from the october 2, 2007 waxman-blackwater hearing — video!

  1. Great snippets nolo! None of these guys are ever prosecuted. What’s more Prince said compensation was $1500. Like $1500 for an Iraqi’s life? Not to mention the Blackwater’s job fair for genocidal Serbs. And gee now Pinochets old henchmen have jobs subcontracted by the State Dept.? Sickening stuff. Really . Mui

  2. hey mui —

    the idea that a drunken merc
    murdered the vice president’s
    guard and wasn’t charged is
    simply stultifying. . .

    bidding down the compensation
    to be paid as a “blood-money” buy-
    out, when an iraqi is murdered?

    erik prince’s answer: “well. . .
    iraqis would TRY to get killed,
    if the figures offered were
    higher” — that man has no soul.

    none at all.

    as disheartening as it is,
    as ever, i thank you for
    stopping by. . .

    good to read of you. . .

    p e a c e

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