scarecrow’s steely-talons shred howard fineman’s tony-snow-stenography. . .

this morning — in a voice that
plainly echoes an editorial of the
new york times, of this sunday, past
scarecrow absolutely griddles the m.s.m.,
and howard fineman of newsweek, in
particular, for painting the alberto
gonzales “no confidence
vote as simple, partisan politics. . .

go read the whole thing, but let’s listen in, now
[emphasis supplied — way to go, scarecrow!]:

. . .The Justice Department has become so politically compromised that no one can assume its criminal prosecutions are based on facts instead of political motivations and furtherance of one-party rule. The civil rights division has turned into a perpetrator of civil wrong. Career attorneys who were dedicated to protect Americans’ right to vote have been pushed out and replaced by political operatives hell bent on denying likely Democratic voters the ability to even register. Honorable prosecutors have been replaced by White House loyalists and incompetent cronies. Men and women with integrity who would never sanction wholesale lawlessness by the executive or massive invasions of citizens’ privacy or sanction torture have been “retired” to make way for political operatives who justify felonies, illegal surveillance, torture, illegal kidnapping, indefinite detention and the imposition of military law on US residents. These thugs simply don’t care that what they’ve created is a daily embarrassment to the American people. And those are just the outrages we know about. All this happened on Gonzales’ watch at DoJ or his stint as WH counsel; he looked the other way as his White House masters trashed the justice system and disgraced America before the world.

That’s the story, Howard, and you and your colleagues should be reporting it, because this is the most important “political” story to come along in decades. This is not “just politics,” Howard. It’s about the Constitution, the rule of law, about what kind of a country we’re becoming. And “politics” is not a bad word, Howard. Politics is what makes America work, what separates it from dictatorships. It’s how we translate the “consent of the governed” into lawful actions by the government. . .

indeed. i wish i had written that.

spot-on, it is!

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