an interesting comment on cheney’s b.y.u. appearance here. . .

as noted by this salt lake city
tribune article
, hundreds will
protest mr. cheney’s appearance
at b.y.u. — to speak at its commencement,
today. one comment to the above article
is particularly cogent — save the
hint of mormonism-bashing — i endorse
it, and offer a highlighted portion, here:

“. . .I am a liberal who actually served in the military, unlike many of the folks on here and draft-dodger Cheney. It is ironic that many Utahans and Mormons are so pro-Cheney and pro-War, given, as discussed below, that they don’t really actually do as much to support the war as do other states/people do. For example Utahans serve in the military at nearly the lowest rate in the nation, and unless I am mistaken, the LDS Church has never made any pronouncement encouraging people to delay marriage or missions to serve their country during this war that was created, in large part, by the man who is their commencement speaker, Cheney. Mormons also pay nearly the lowest per capita federal taxes in the country because of their generous use of the “charitable” status of tithing and the big families/dependents, so they are not supporting the war financially either. . .”

indeed. now — off the grid for a
few days of sun, sand and fun
— so,
keep on keepin’ on, out there. . .


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