an all points bulletin: be on the look-out for rep. lamar smith’s views. . .

. . .as to whether alberto gonzales should resign. . .

rep. lamar smith, a republican from the
21st district, in the state of texas, ought
to be repeatedly questioned about his
position on alberto gonzales’ continuance as
the attorney general of the united states.

all-day, every-day — at every public
appearance he makes
— between now and
this wednesday, april 25, 2007.

why? because rep. john conyers has
agreed (see below), at the explicit
request of rep. lamar smith
(r., texas),
to wait until then, to call a vote on
the transactional grant of immunity for,
and then issue a subpoena duces tecum to,
ms. monica goodling. . .

now, the right honorable rep. smith asked,
during the april 18, 2007 committee hearing,
that these goodling votes be delayed, to “see
how matters played out
” with respect to the
thursday, april 19, 2007 testimony of
alberto gonzales. . . the implication of his
remark was, that if mr. gonzales fully-quelled
his critics — with his candid, clear and forth-
coming testimony before the judiciary committee
of the senate, there would be little need to
grant ms. goodling immunity.

well — except for the alternate-reality-of-
offered-yesterday, NO ONE felt he quelled his
critics, or cleared anything up.

so — it is time to grant monica goodling
immunity, and light the subpoena-fires. . .

that is, unless — of course! — rep. lamar smith,
whose work centers on ethics enforcement
at present, tells us that he will give alberto
gonzales a free, clean, “hall-pass“. . .

so — calling all hands on deck! — who has a statement
from rep. lamar smith, about alberto gonzales, dated after
april 19, 2007? anyone? any one?

oh — and here is the text of rep. conyers’ release
from last wednesday — april 18, 2007:

“At the request of our Ranking Minority Member, Lamar Smith, I have announced a one-week delay in the Committee vote to apply for immunity for Monica Goodling. It is my hope that a short delay, agreed to in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation, will enable the Minority to join us in taking this critical step in our efforts to uncover the truth about why the U.S. Attorneys were terminated and what it means for the integrity of federal law enforcement. I continue to believe that Ms. Goodling would be a key witness in our investigation. . .”

indeed. where are you, rep. lamar smith?

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